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Laser cap 68 diodes medical laser hair regrow helmet

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Supply Ability:
1000 Piece/Pieces per Week laser cap sample is available

Packaging Details

<dd class="do-entry-item-val" title="Specification of laser cap
1, package size:20*25*30cm
2, Weight:2kg”>Specification of laser cap
1, package size:20*25*30cm
2, Weight:2kg

Lead Time :
Shipped in 5 days after payment

 laser cap 68 diodes medical laser hair regrow helmet Amazing effect :1 – 2 months to Reduce the oil 3 – 4 months to stop hair loss6 – 8 months hair regeneration and improve hair quality The specifications of laser cap :

Name hair loss laser helmet
Model Number SC199
Helmet color Balck,Sliver,Red
Helmet Material ABS
Laser Material Semiconductor Laser Diode 650nm
Laser Color Red
Quantity of Laser Module 68 DIODES
Laser Diode Temperature Rating 660nm…60 °C
MTBF of Laser Diode >10,000 Hours
Output Power 5mw
Treatment Time 20-25 munite
Package size 20*25*30cm
Weight 2kg
Guarantee 1 year warranty and lifelong maintenance
Payment Western Union,Bank Transfer,Credit Card,Paypal
Shipment DHL,Fedex,Ups,TNT,EMS…
Delivery Time Within 3 days after payment

Notice:The wavelength of instrument is 5mw Medical Laser, it also call Cold Laser or Weak Laser. This Laser don’t have any harm to Human tissue, but it do harm to the human Retinal, so please Look into the laser, please wear the Laser-resistant glass to operate it!When the machine works 1 hour, the accumulative hot will do harm to the Laser head, so please don’t let it continue working more than 40 minutes.Put it off the childrens anytime.The instrument only can charge by mobile power/ power bank (not includes) . It can not charge to the AC power supply. (Because it will not safe.)    Scientific research and clinical data demonstrated:Laser treatment can increase hair density is 40-60%, and it can stop the hair loss 85% . Laser therapy helmet is painless, non-invasive. it is simple to use. How to use laser cap correctly:
Use 3 to 4 times a week, every time 20 to 25 minutes is ok . please use it after you washed and dry your hair. this helmet is adjustable , just conect it with the battery after you ware it is ok . this helmet will come with  laser protective eyewear . please ware the  laser protective eyewear when you use it .  Why choose laser cap :Medical laser chip work in nitrogen luminous completely ( insulated from the air ).From the following picture,we could found there is plated film lens ouside nozzle of laser tube to ensure chip seal and protect it from being damaged by external factors.Nitrogen is "inert gas", because it won’t be affected by air temperature, so laser chip would have a long time in a relatively constant working range.Laser tube life greatly extended (most of laser diode is not with such a lens! )Company InformationPackingThere’re different packages of our beauty machines:carton box,aluminium alloy and wooden box.No matter which package,there’s cood foam inside of the box to protect the machine during the shipment.So there’s no worry of any damages of the machine. Delivery Ship by express(door to door)( Ship by air express to airportShip by sea 

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